What is the #WalkAway Campaign?

Hello fellow Patriots! My name is Vanessa and just after Independence Day I stumbled on a video that changed my life. Brandon Straka, a former liberal, produced an incredible message that shook me to my core.

For the last 18 months I’ve been living in silence as I watched my party slowly degrade into identity politics, victimhood, racism, and violence. Because of Brandon, I’m silent no more.

Take a moment to watch his powerful message:

After watching Brandon’s message I went to the official #WalkAway website to learn more about this new campaign.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 3.04.28 PM
The #WalkAway Campaign mission statement, screenshot from their website.

The group is here to encourage and support those on the left to walk away from the divisive tenets by allowing people to share their stories, watch the video testimonies, and read the posts of others who have walked away.

I decided I had to add my voice to Brandon’s and created my own #WalkAway message in July of 2018:

I had no idea that my own story would go viral as well. There was never any intention to continue making YouTube videos but I’ve found a voice in this campaign and I will continue to tell my story as long as there are people willing to listen.

Thank you so much for visiting and I invite you to come check out the official #WalkAway campaign on Facebook where you can read stories like mine and hundreds of thousands of others who have decided to walk away from the divisiveness of modern politics.