My Survivor Story

VetsVoices2I’m a writer living with major depressive disorder and 18 years ago I survived a suicide attempt. I’m Still Here and I’m Living Proof — struggles with mental health, past traumas– they don’t have to define You. They don’t have to end You.

But YOU have to do the work, YOU have to want this. No one else is responsible for your mental health, so roll up your sleeves and get to work!

I want to tell my story because I believe it’s important to talk about these issues and battle the stigma against speaking up about mental health and suicide awareness.

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression or thoughts of suicide please check out the links in my “Get Help Now” page.

Thanks for visiting and keep fighting!


  1. Thanks for having the courage to share your #WalkAway video. It was refreshing and gave me hope to see that other people are waking up to the deception that others are trying to use to control us. They want to divide us, but we can’t let them win. Even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on every issue, we need to all stand united on the founding principles of our nation (starting with 1st and 2nd amendments). Because without that foundation, America as we know it is lost. So thanks again for being brave and being a voice of reason. It was refreshing to hear you say that Milo was a turning point for you, because I have asked myself so many times how anyone who believes in American ideals could not see the hypocrisy in his treatment. They are trying to trick us by labeling everything that doesn’t fit their agenda as ‘fascist’. And as you admitted, it almost worked on you too: they hope that everyone will just automatically think that people like Milo must be truly evil to incite that kind of violence. But kudos to you for having the intellectual curiosity to dig deeper and see the truth. But even more kudos for being brave enough to speak out about it! God bless you, and God bless America. … And thank you for your commitment to helping others who are suffering.

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  2. Vanessa, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the current climate in this country relative to politics. Thankfully our pressure relief valve worked once again, which is the American Spirit representing all things good (love forgiveness empathy honesty hope kindness), kicking in and guiding us each individually back towards a more healthy place to call home. No group, government, establishment, or book of rules can ever do the job as efficiently. It’s an individual power we collectively hold dear. The power seekers refuse to accept that to their own lifelong bitterness, every time. Money and power can never give the happiness we both now have. I always say the things we most argue and worry about are one grain of sand in the beach of time. It’s more important that we strive to be common in the larger portion which is that true American Spirit, and we are graciously filled with it time and again more than we fully understand or deserve. America remains, always will, always has. The name changes, but it’s the spirit that was always there and will never die. I love you to death girl.


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