Just A Little Prep Talk

I hope that everyone’s taking the time to plan ahead and just consider the possibility that we may have to stay inside for several weeks due to a possible coronavirus outbreak.

I’ve been preparing my whole life for this moment.

If you haven’t thought about stocking up on some staples yet, you’d better get on that because shelves are clearing out fast!

Over the past week I visited several grocery stores in my area, initially finding plenty of toilet paper and paper towels, but noted the bleach aisle took a serious hit and antibacterial wipes are completely gone, despite a sign limiting customers to four at a time.

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Several days later my husband texts me in the morning and warns me about a possible quarantine dropping that afternoon. Up until this point I’ve been doing pretty well in the not-freaking-out department, but reading his words makes my stomach drop out a little.

I quickly head back to the store to grab a few more cans of food and some extra milk and bread to freeze for later. Luckily for us that was just a rumor, although my freezer is now staging a revolt.

There was a stark difference from the last time I went out. The place is packed, several shelves are bare. One of the most disappointing things to observe is that most of the canned vegetables and meat are still there while almost all of the prepackaged, ready-made dinners loaded with carbs are gone. The ramen aisle was totally decimated.

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One of the employees remarked that he’d just set two full pallets of water out that morning and they were gone in just a couple of hours. Fresh meat also takes a serious hit.

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There’s a part of me that suspects I’m going to see fist fights over toilet paper because I live in a rough area, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find everyone in pretty great spirits all things considering. No one is really panicking, there’s just an underlying sense of urgency. Everyone is smiling, positive, and helpful with one another. This isn’t our default mode, people in this area are usually kind of scowl-ie.

I really hope we stay this way. I know there are a lot of people out there that believe this could all be some sort of bigger plan to bring about martial law and strip us of our rights. I personally don’t believe that’s what’s going on here, but I do wonder about whether this whole thing could be some sort of staged event.

Whether or not we can believe everything we’re being told about this pandemic, it’s incredibly smart to have at least a month or more of food and everyday supplies/necessities stored up in your home.

It’s normal to question everything we’re being told by people in charge, but just in case– please consider your elderly or immunocompromised friends and family. Consider following the social recommendations, and don’t go running around licking toilets for goodness sakes!



  1. If there are kids out there eating Tide pods, then there’s no hope of stopping them from licking toilets.

    All-in-all, I’m actually encouraged that I’m not (yet) seeing signs of true panic. Glad to hear that even in your rough neighborhood people are being kind and helpful. We should continue to encourage that. You’re familiar with that website called Nextdoor? In our neighborhood several folks posted on Nextdoor to say that if anyone needs help — running errands and the like, e.g. for shut-ins — just give them a call. Assuming that they aren’t scammers, it’s heartening to see people supporting each other. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that most of them are Christians, but it would be great if those from all viewpoints are willing to pitch in.

    And thank you for being a voice of encouragement.

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    • Good point about the tide pods! I was really encouraged by what I’ve seen the past week from my city. Schools are closed, most businesses are closed, I’ve seen a lot of people out exercising, walking their dogs, going to the park by my house– people are making the best of this so far and it’s been great to see. Fingers crossed it stays this way!


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