Thoughts From a (Formerly) Fallen Woman

I recently read an article by Roosh V, a man whose claim to fame is writing a bunch of books about how to pick up women. Roosh has been getting a lot of well-deserved respect lately over his decision to accept God into his life and as a result has unpublished his “game” books.

The post, titled “Game is for Fallen Women,” touches on his journey from ladies man to man of God. He explains that if a man wants to be with a quality woman, a woman he sees as a potential wife and mother to his future children, then he must reject promiscuous women who place a high importance on sexual gratification and materialism.

In a video response to Roosh’s post, author Steve Franssen refers to these women of higher quality as “virtuous women” and points out that doesn’t mean they have to be virgins or have always lived a life of Christian piety. A virtuous woman can be a virgin sure, but they can also be women who have woken up and rejected that way of life.

Women like me.

From Roosh’s post:

Compare the modern promiscuous woman to a virgin who worships God and shuns pre-marital sex (or a repentant woman who has confessed her past sexual mistakes). Your game, which is tuned to making promiscuous women promiscuate, is now useless.

I enjoyed reading Roosh’s thoughts and watching Franssen’s response, but felt like the conversation needed the perspective of a “formerly fallen woman,” so I made a response video of my own.

We are failing our girls when we allow them to look up to women like J.Lo or Shakira– gyrating, crotch-grabbing and twerking during the Super Bowl halftime show this past weekend.

We fail our girls when we don’t allow them to be girls: allow them to aspire to be good wives and mothers. Allow them to choose whatever roles they want– whether that’s in the arts, STEM or remaining in the home.

We fail our women when we don’t encourage them to respect their bodies and give the utmost respect to motherhood and the unborn. We fail them when we don’t encourage personal responsibility by refraining from casual sex and destructive behavior.

I wanted to post a response to this because I was failed by my own mother, I was taught to look down on stay-at-home mom’s and housewives, taught to put my career over my desire to start a family– and now I fear I may have missed my chance to give birth to my own children.

As an ever-dwindling culture that appreciates traditional values we owe it to the next generation of women to try and open their eyes and help them break away from destructive feminist programming. If being open about my own mistakes helps even one young woman choose a better path, then airing out my own dirty laundry is worth it.



  1. Maybe you will see this maybe you will not. I will be sharing this in a Discord Server that might find this video useful. I may not be the target audience. I subscribe to your content on Bitchute. I am cross between a MGTOW and a Feminist. I consider myself a volcel. A volunteer celibate. And have been for quite some time. I’m the nearly the opposite of you. I am also near your age.

    I find what women are going through fascinating as I am looking for a non-fallen woman but may never find her. I guess it comes down to, searching for those that are in your social profession. Adult film-stars dubbed this dating -civilians versus non-civilians. If I am allowed to blame the social ills of Feminsim and Roosh V’s conversion, it would be the Church and the State. Women need to remove themselves from both. They both, either destroy or encourage the best and the worst in women. Today’s State and Church are the result. Thanks for this video. I3.

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  2. Sorry it took so long to respond, I really appreciate you sharing this one as I think the message is important. My husband and I both have said that we’d also be volcel’s if we weren’t together. As far as church vs. state, I can see to an extent what you mean about the state and women in government or politics, I made a video recently talking about the election where I stated that women have no business being president. I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say remove them from the government altogether, but when I really look at that those feelings could be coming from a selfish place, not a practical one.

    I don’t want to say that women shouldn’t be voting, but at the same time look at what’s happened to our society since we won the right to vote? But I think when we try and point fingers, we have to dig a little deeper than just “church & state,” and look at WHO was behind the early feminism movement. I’m currently working on a book and researched this for one of the chapters, but if you trace the roots of the movement it goes back to two women, Betty Friedan (a communist Jewish woman) followed by Gloria Steinem (a half-Jewish woman working on behalf of the CIA). What were their real motives? Why did they both suddenly appear on the scene and quickly become “icons” of the feminist movement?

    There’s a bigger plan at work here, one that seeks to destroy the traditional family and make most women completely unsuitable for marriage and motherhood. It’s frightening how successful they’ve been.


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