The Left Keeps Proving Me Right

I’m so glad I left the left.

After news broke that basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna died suddenly in a helicopter crash on January 26, it didn’t take long for the dregs of the left to rear their insanely ugly heads.

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He’s never going to see this but shoutout to Mark Dice for finding these and shining a light on just how far down the TDS rabbit-hole the left has gone.

On the bright side, a recent Pew study shows that only about 20% of Americans are on Twitter, so if there’s a white pill to this ugliness it’s that sentiments like these aren’t indicative of Democrats as a whole (hopefully).

Thankfully, as I was scrolling through the replies to these demonic tweets I found a few Democrats condemning them along with everyone else.

So hey, at least there’s that– right?



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