2020: Beyond Help, Beyond Hope

The more I look at leftists and Democrats the less hopeful I feel about the future. 

I started making videos because I wanted to connect with more people like me, people who were disgusted with how divided we’ve become, people who just wanted to be able to converse and debate again without worrying about coming to blows or ending friendships. Unfortunately, in the past year and some change that I’ve been doing this nothing has changed. 

We’re no closer to reaching an agreement, no closer to finding common ground, and they’re no closer to embracing the truth. 

That’s really what it comes down to: acknowledging the truth. Rather than opening their eyes and seeing reality, the left has dug in their heels, embraced disinformation, and would rather see the whole world burn if they can’t have their way– ignoring the obvious that if they have their way the whole world still burns.

It doesn’t matter how many times we debunk whatever lie of the week they believe, doesn’t matter how many times we lead them to videos that shatter their worldview, doesn’t matter how many politicians unmask themselves as raging hypocrites. I’ve lost hope that any of the people still clinging to their leftist dogma can ever be saved.

Sadly, this doesn’t only apply to the left– there are way too many people out there calling themselves conservatives who have allowed the moral high ground to slip out from under their feet.

Way too many people on the right who exalt Trump like he’s the second coming of Christ. Their blind worship of him is just as disturbing as the left’s ignorant adherence to globalism and the extinction of everything that makes America unique and exceptional.

Please don’t fall into this trap, please don’t blindly trust anyone– especially a politician. There’s only one man I call my Savior and he died for my sins a long time ago.


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