America First vs. Conservative Inc.

It’s a crazy time to be a free speech advocate right now…

Free Speech Hypocrites?

America First patriots are in the middle of a heated battle of ideas with mainstream conservatives, dubbed “Conservative Inc.” These are popular political pundits who claim to hold conservative viewpoints but who don’t seem to advocate for conserving much of anything. It started when controversial content creator Nick Fuentes was kicked out of Politicon at Charlie Kirk’s request, despite the head of Turning Point USA claiming to be a “free speech absolutist.”

Later, TPUSA began their “Culture Wars” college tour, going to different campuses around the country and doing Q&A’s with attendees. Several people who tried to ask Kirk about his stance on immigration, free speech and his decision to have Fuentes removed from Politicon were shut down and many were called racists and bigots. This galvanized Generation Z conservatives, who also go by the names “Zoomers” and “Groypers,” into pushing the issue further– a Conservative Civil War was born. 

Their basic argument is this: What has mainstream conservatism actually conserved? Most Zoomers believe conservatism is rooted in Christianity, a rejection of the “gay agenda” (not a rejection of people who identify as homosexual but a rejection of homosexuality being pushed on children, which we see happening all around public schools across the country and with the rising prevalence of “Drag Queen Story Hours” happening at libraries and even day cares), and questioning our current foreign policy– particularly our relationship with Israel.

This is a great clip summarizing the issues that Generation Z has with mainstream conservatives, mind the brief NSFW language:

Asking the “JQ” has gotten a lot of young people incorrectly labeled racists and antisemites, a targeted misinformation campaign to direct people away from questioning our continued involvement with foreign affairs. Asking questions isn’t racist, questioning foreign relationships isn’t bigotry. Zoomers have valid concerns about the direction our country is headed and given that they’re the ones who are going to inherit it from the rest of us, their concerns should be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening from the likes of Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and the rest of the talking heads that make up Conservative Inc. When they’re labeling young people as Nazis, racists, bigots, etc. simply for asking questions– how do they have any right calling themselves “free speech absolutists” as Kirk continues to do?

Is Pornography Free Speech?

Tied into the free speech argument is this sudden push to further regulate pornography in the U.S. Several recent events have kicked this debate into motion. This past July, alternative social media site Gab decided to ban porn from their platform, a move that prompted many people to delete their accounts in protest. Further aggravating the issue is Gab founder Andrew Torba taking to Twitter to attack his critics, a move that’s drawn the attention of some notable YouTube personalities like The Quartering and Keemstar. 

Then, during the first week of December four Republican representatives sent a letter to Attorney General Barr requesting that the DOJ take a stronger stance enforcing obscenity laws, particularly in regards to child pornography.

This prompted a new wave of discussion on social media, with the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh (previously mentioned above as part of Conservative Inc.) taking the brunt of people’s ire after he voiced his support for a “War on Porn.”

“Of course, you’d expect those on the political Left to resist any effort to restrict or ban porn. After all, that’s the side that generally supports explicit sex education for children, child drag queens, trans kids, and so on. They are committed to exposing children to all manner of sexual confusion and degeneracy at increasingly younger and younger ages. The real shame is that many on the Right are just as likely to valiantly stand up for the rights of internet pimps and smut peddlers.”

While I don’t agree with how Walsh views American Nationalists like myself, I have to admit he’s swaying me on this issue: 

“The most common defense of porn is that it’s a matter involving consenting adults and has no effect on anyone else. If this were true, I’d probably agree that the government has no place in restricting it, even if it is morally objectionable. However, this is not only untrue — it is laughably untrue… The viewer simply has no way of knowing whether he’s watching the rape of a trafficked woman, or the abuse of a minor, or a consensual act between sober and clear-minded adults.”

I’ve been discussing this issue with several people online who are either for or against stricter regulations. I used to be one of those people who thought, “Who cares what consenting adults do and who cares who pays to watch them do it?” Until I started spending a lot of time on Twitter and realized just how easy it is for children to access hardcore porn without their parents knowing.

Porn simply isn’t viewed the way it used to be– many of us remember stumbling on it for the first time as kids, usually finding our dad’s stash or maybe seeing it thrown away somewhere, as I did. That’s simply not what’s happening to kids today, and it’s either naive or willfully ignorant to believe otherwise. 

Given my own personal views on free speech, it’s hard for me to advocate for a complete and total ban as I’ve seen some conservatives doing lately. That being said, after seeing just how easy it is to access pornographic content on sites like Twitter I’m fully behind banning it from any social media platform that allows children under 18 to create accounts. I’m glad there’s no pornography allowed on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. I’m glad that Gab followed suit and I wish Twitter would do the same.

Just think: right now on Twitter I can watch a video of a naked woman doing somersaults landing right in front of the camera with her vagina splayed out for all to see– but I can’t state the truth of there only being two genders. Let that sink in.



  1. We always enjoy watching and listening to you.
    We are independent voters and have always voted for the person we felt would do the best job. We voted for Trump the last election and have no regrets. The Democrats have shown us how mean and cruel they will be just because they didn’t win. When they attack the president, his wife, his family, his children, his grandchildren and his friends, this is an action that we can never forgive.
    We may not vote Republican in the future but we will never vote Democrat again.
    My wife and I wish you all the best this coming year.
    Harold and Maria


    • Thank you Harold! Maria is my mother’s name, I love it! My husband and I agree with you both. We’re independents as well, didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but we’ll be voting for him this year. We don’t agree with every one of his positions: would like an even stronger push to severely limit immigration and would like to see us out of the Middle East, but the alternative to Trump is the destruction of what makes America so special. Democrats have lost their minds, will never be voting for them again.

      Thank you again for your support, hope you both had a beautiful New Year!


  2. Thank you for your nice letter. We live on the left coast of the US. A small town on the ocean.
    If you are ever this way we would love to meet you.
    By the way, my wife’s name is Maria Estella Gonzalez Rojas


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