I Was Wrong About Being Pro-Life

Last week, Representative Brian Sims of the 182nd district in Pennsylvania drew backlash from both the right and the non-radicalized left when he filmed himself harassing pro-life advocates quietly praying in front of his local Planned Parenthood. Nevermind that this particular location has multiple health and safety violations, he decided to throw racist insults at both an elderly woman and a group of young girls, going so far as to offer payment for the doxxing of children, something a lawyer like Sims should know is illegal.

Sims’ stunt and his subsequent non-apology reminded me of how I used to view pro-lifers when I was an abortion supporter. I have to reconcile with myself that for many years I cried more while watching ASPCA Commercials than I did at the thought of tens of millions of aborted babies.

I made a video several months ago detailing my journey from pro-choice to pro-life, but I don’t think I spent enough time talking about the misconceptions I had about the pro-life position, so I want to start by thanking Brian Sims for inspiring me to talk about this today.

The biggest misunderstanding I had about pro-lifers is that I thought everyone who was pro life had to be religious. What I’ve realized is that being pro-life doesn’t have to be a spiritual issue, it’s a matter of established science if you’re willing to look at those facts. I’ve been honored to meet and exchange words with many Atheists, anti-theists and agnostics who realize that biologically, human life begins at conception.

This leads me to my next incorrect assumption: I believed that if you were pro-life you were anti-science, but that was because I was being intellectually lazy. I believed the manipulated information being pushed by abortionists like Planned Parenthood when in reality scientists have stated for decades now that human life as we define it begins at conception.

The four defining characteristics of life are present at fertilization: growth, reproduction, metabolism and response to stimuli. Furthermore, a baby’s biological sex, hair and eye color, and their intelligence and personality are all established at fertilization. Don’t believe me? Ask the Mayo Clinic and the American Heritage Dictionary of Science. They’ll tell you that an unborn baby is just as much a “clump of cells” as every other living thing on earth.

It’s not bigotry, it’s biology.

It’s also not bigotry to hold women accountable and ask them to be more responsible with their bodies. But back then I thought people who were pro-life were a bunch of sexists who hated women and the women who identified as pro-life are just being controlled by their husbands. The truth is that the majority of people who identify as being pro-life also view themselves as being pro-woman. They just believe that the woman growing in the womb has a right to live just like the woman she’s growing inside.

Pro-life people are not anti-choice, they just wish you would make those choices before you get pregnant. And despite what you’ve heard, I have yet to meet a pro-lifer who would deny a woman this procedure if she or her unborn child’s life was at serious risk. There are also very few that would demand a rape victim go through with a resulting pregnancy. We would strongly urge you not to punish the innocent child for the sins of the father, but we don’t believe you should be forced to do so. And before you at me about the recent pro-life bill passed in Alabama, understand that was a calculated move on their part to force this issue to the Supreme Court.

Because whatever Planned Parenthood or NARAL wants you to believe, the truth is that by their own cited sources abortions in the case of rape, incest, or serious risk to the mother’s life factor very low on the list of reasons women have given for why they’ve chosen to abort their baby. The majority of women who choose to have abortions, over 70% of them, do so for reasons of convenience. I’ve written about this in the past here, you’re welcome to check my facts.

These sort of life choices are all ones a woman should be making before she engages in sex with any partner, including her husband. In America we have such easy access to contraception it’s ridiculous. You can take a pill (for free), you can get a shot or an insert, you can have your tubes tied, nowadays condoms are available for free at virtually every health clinic across the nation. I’m not saying accidents don’t happen, although I believe if you’ve used all of these methods and still get pregnant you have a moral obligation to not punish that child with death.

Remember that adoption is always an option and you do not have to go through the nightmare of turning your newborn baby over to the state, there are so many nonprofit organizations across the country that provide  pregnancy assistance and facilitate adoption. You can contact one at the very beginning. These people are committed to funding your pregnancy through the birth of your child and it’s subsequent placement in the screened home of a loving family.

It’s 2019 and the fact of the matter is that an innocent life does not have to die just because you don’t want to be inconvenienced. As an adult these are decisions you make before you have sex and urging other women to understand the depth of responsibility that comes with the gift of being able to create life is not being sexist. But telling Men they’re not allowed to speak about reproductive rights IS.

These were just a few of the misconceptions that I had about the pro-life movement when I was a supporter of abortion. For anyone out there who is currently pro-life wondering how can they start the conversation with their pro-choice friends & family, I would say the number one thing you need to remember is to take a page from Brian Sims and realize that anger doesn’t work, name-calling doesn’t work, demonizing abortion supporters doesn’t work because most of them are well-meaning people who are just being brainwashed by abortionists like planned parenthood who care nothing for the health of women and are simply building incredible wealth from the deaths of millions of children. I would urge you to be kind and to be loving and to steer them towards the information they need to see. Some of that can be found here.

Remember how you felt when Brian Sims threw racist insults at an older woman for the ‘crime’ of standing quietly and holding a sign. Or the rage you felt when he insulted a group of young girls, assumed their race and used that as an insult, then illegally offered $100 to anyone who could give him the personal information of these children.

If Brian Sims was trying to change people’s minds and get them to see his side of the abortion argument, he failed miserably and gave us another reason to rally. The parents of one of the children he harassed has started a GoFundMe to raise money for a pro-life organization in Philly and I’d like to once again thank Brian Sims for inspiring me to donate, I hope you can do the same if you’re able.

One comment

  1. Vanessa, I can’t believe that no one has left a response here!
    So here’s my additive….

    Our third child came along when my wife was already high risk. The doctor told her that he could have Down’s Syndrome and we should think about aborting. It took all of 2 seconds for each of us to say unequivocally that we were going to trust the LORD more than the doctor.

    17.5 years later my son has TWO black belts, an “A” student, wants to be a detective, and is learning to drive!!
    Without 1 sign of Down’s syndrome! I’ll trust the LORD every time!


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