My Personal Yoga Outreach Campaign

Hey everyone! I’m really happy to announce that I’m FINALLY a registered yoga teacher and that means it’s time to bring my love for yoga to the senior community by visiting libraries and senior centers and offering classes free of charge. Part of my personal effort in doing this involves having supplies on-hand for anyone in need.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 5.41.41 PM
Don’t you want one of these bad boys? Grab one now at

This is why I’ve decided to launch a t-shirt campaign, and I think they’re pretty neat! Please help me bring movement and stretching to an under-served community by purchasing one of these awesome shirts I’ve designed with help from the amazing people over at Bonfire.

One shirt equals one yoga mat or a stabilizing cork block, and if I surpass my initial goal of 17-25 shirts I’m going to spring for straps and maybe even blankets.

You can grab an official 2 Fingers Berben t-shirt at:

Thank you, ‘Be Excellent to Each Other’ out there!

If You’d Like to Further Support my Work:

One comment

  1. Wish I had the money to buy 1,000 t-shirts!

    Could you also have a t-shirt with your “Be Excellent to Each Other” slogan on it?

    God bless you young lady!


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