Don’t Let Your Past Ruin Your Future!

It’s been a crazy past week you guys! Someone came after me anonymously online, trying to ‘expose me’ as a hypocrite for being a former drug addict who now has conservative views. What’s even worse: they impersonated one of my dearest childhood friends.

Initially I had no idea who was behind this, as I’ve said in past videos I have a lot of (former) friends on the far-left going back decades. Given what this person was saying I knew it was someone I’ve known for many, many years and I knew it WASN’T the person they were pretending to be.

(A check-in with my friend proved that to be the case, side note: that conversation got me back on Instagram so you’re welcome to catch up with me there.)

J_FletchIt was time to channel my queen, Jessica Fletcher. Once I narrowed it down and had a viable suspect, my amazing (and apparently literal) partner in crime stepped in and got this person to back off and life has returned to normal, or whatever semblance of normalcy I try to hold onto.

But it got me thinking: how many times have the people in our lives held our mistakes against us? And more importantly, how many times have we done this to ourselves?

Don’t let your past mistakes stop you from being your best self today!

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  1. Hi Vanessa!
    Great video!
    But my problem is, the one reminding me of my past mistakes is my own head.
    I have nothing to show for my 55 years. But a lot of bad decisions.
    I view that as a worthless life.
    Hence, my easy slide into depression.
    Hence, my complete lack of motivation for anything.
    There’s no drive, no goal, no need for me to continue. So, why?
    I see no way out of my vicious cycle.

    But I AM very proud of you!!

    Keep going!



    • Hey Robert, it’s really easy for us to slip into thinking like that. Have you thought about the impact you’ve had on any of your friends or family? Our loved ones would probably tell us our lives weren’t worthless to them, even if we personally feel that way. Have you ever done anything kind for anyone in your entire life? That person wouldn’t consider you worthless, even if it was just holding the door open for them one time, or waiting for them on an elevator. Sometimes little things like that between total strangers mean the world to people.

      When you say you have “nothing to show,” what would you consider to be something worth showing? 55 years is still young! You always have an opportunity to wake up and make the decision to be more motivated, find something to drive you forward, create a personal goal, and find a reason to continue. It’s just harder to do these things when we’re depressed, but it’s certainly not impossible. I have faith in you! You inspire me all the time, let that inspiration mirror back onto you!


  2. Vanessa! I found this in an article! It helps……

    “I am more aware than ever of my truest, deepest identity:

    I am a son of the King of kings and Lord of lords
    – and he is a very proud and protective Father.

    I have been made and equipped to carry out a plan that my heavenly Father uniquely crafted for my specific life.

    I have been made with a purpose and destiny that both satisfy my soul and reflect the love of Christ to the world.”

    I printed it out to stare at it for a moment each day!
    Change “son” to “daughter” and use it to bless your life also!

    God bless you young lady!


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