SOTU 2019: It’s a GREAT Time to be Pro-Life

After listening to President Trump’s State of the Union Address last night it’s a GREAT time to be Pro-Life.

It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks to be pro-life in America: The personal attacks and threats of violence against pro-life teenagers who attended the March for Life on January 18 saw the left sinking to a brand new low. The DC event saw an estimated 200-300k people in attendance, but the amazing turnout was overshadowed by controversy.

A group of boys from Covington Catholic High School were waiting to be picked up by buses after attending the march and were harassed by two different groups of racist grown men who filmed their attacks for political theatre. If you don’t follow me on Twitter you should head over there and check out my coverage of the Covington Debacle, I had way too much fun triggering deranged leftists:

ProLife2.1A day later saw the Women’s March arrive in DC, which organizers estimated would have 500k supporters but only had around 100k people in attendance. I remember having to work on the day of the first Women’s March and being so disappointed I donated my day’s pay to them. This year I set things right and spent the same amount supporting March for Life 2019 and have this awesome shirt to prove it.

The following week while many of us were busy defending teenagers from threats of doxxing and murder online, reasonable-minded Americans from all sides of the political spectrum reeled in horror when New York passed the Reproductive Health Act, which drops most restrictions on abortions after 24 weeks by greatly expanding the definitions of the term ‘physical and mental health’ of the mother.

While we collectively recoiled at the sight of lawmakers leaping to their feet to celebrate the murder of unborn children in New York, Rhode Island began debates on a similarly scary Reproductive Health Act of their own. Virginia then asked both states to hold its beer when Delegate Kathy Tran openly admitted her proposed bill would allow for abortions right up until a woman is dilating and about to give birth. In an attempt to explain her comments Governor Ralph Northam basically advocated for infanticide, driving anyone with a soul still in their body even further away from the left.

In a clear distraction move an old, racist photo showing Northam in either blackface or wearing KKK-style robes “suddenly” surfaced, along with the news that his possible replacement, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is currently facing allegations of sexual assault. Fairfax categorically denies these accusations, which he is perfectly within his right to do and is innocent until proven guilty, but the response from supporters only serves to remind the rest of us that Democrats like to “Believe All Women” until it isn’t politically convenient for them.

If Virginians think they have a solution in Attorney General Mark Herring, think again. The third-in-line Democrat recently outed himself as having dabbled in blackface as well.

Enter our President.

After last night’s SOTU Address pro-life Americans everywhere have been galvanized by these incredible words:

I hope his words inspire more people to be vocally pro-life. The gloves need to come off– it’s up to all of us to join the President in condemning late-term abortions.

We need to speak up more than ever now– and if you dislike Trump fine, this doesn’t need to be a divisive position. We can still be one voice for the voiceless, speaking up for unborn babies everywhere doesn’t need to be a partisan or religious issue. We have science on our side, we have life on our side.

First, you can find out where your state stands on abortion. Then consider either voicing your support or your concerns. You can find your House representatives here and your Senators here. If you’re still active on social media, think about being extra-supportive of any pro-life content or messages you find. You’ll need to do a search for these terms directly because these types of posts are being suppressed or censored.

What many Democrats in power are advocating for is Not. Okay. It’s time we take a real stand for life, together.

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