From Pro-Choice to Pro-Life | #MarchForLife2019

For many years I was a staunch supporter of “reproductive rights,” now I’m proud to fight for the unborn and it’s directly because of the patience and understanding I received from many pro-life advocates. Thank you for not giving up on me.

If you’d like to do some additional research I found a great resource for real facts about abortion. If you support this message please help me beat YouTube’s algorithms by liking and sharing this video, thanks everyone!

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  1. I was just reading your post about leaving the left. Just today I had a liberal order me to ‘stay out of this conversation since you are egregiously misinformed on education and the human condition. This was after I posted ONE non-confrontational comment on a post about tying PART of school funding to performance. I was SUPPORTING teachers in my comment. I said that problem children should be removed promptly from the classroom. It doesn’t matter if she agreed or disagreed, the idea that she tried to shut me down after one comment just blew me away. So I looked at her profile and of course she was a Democrat. Those people are scary.

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