A Crisis of Anti-Faith

I want to thank everyone who reached out over the past couple weeks wishing me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and wondering where the heck I am and when am I going to post another video?

I’m alive as far as I can tell, but working on a lot of stuff in my head related to my thoughts on spirituality. Rather than continue to work on this privately, I wanted to reach out to all of my amazing subscribers and get their thoughts on faith and God.

What I find I’m struggling with the most is the first step: Asking for forgiveness. Because as a former, very aggressive Anti-theist I don’t feel worthy of even asking for God’s love. And yet I can’t deny that I’m surrounded by it.

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  1. I always say everyone puts there faith in something. Anti-thiest may take an unproven leap that all the people murmuring sincere prayer the morning of September 11th is somehow learned to be instantly uttered and not something deeper. Self righteous thiest put their faith in themselves being able to please the almighty when the good book they cite plainly tells them it’s not possible, the entire world was corrupted from an early fall. A chosen few, including the murderer on the cross, realize the only hope is to ask God to be cleansed by the suffering and death of his only Son who took the sins of the entire world from start to finish, and paid dearly for them. Including yours and mine, with no requirement other than to sincerely accept that free gift from God in your heart and be given all hope of eternal life in Heaven. No man can give or take that gift away, but God alone. You mean so much to God that every hair on your head is numbered and a sincere thought (often only a sigh) in prayer is heard and answered. … This is my faith, based on the Bible which has been preserved for a long time. Everyone puts faith in something, I am happy with this simple faith.


  2. As an Atheist, I haven’t met many who claim they are anti-theist much less “very aggressive”, although I do often read about people who, after finding religion, will write that they were once atheist. It intrigues me.

    Was there any religion or belief in God growing up? Did your parents introduce you to religion? Was there a point in your life that you decided religion was not for you? You are a writer, do you have any writing about your anti-theism? I’d love to get a perspective on what you said back then and where you are now. I do know that at times, there is a life event that changes people and that could be the case as well..

    Honestly, between faith and religion… there are people of all walks of life that look to Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Humanism..etc to guide them. I like to refer to it as a “concept”, they take their religion and it helps guide them.

    Religion is akin to politics, where people of even the same religion can be on the “extreme left” or the “extreme right”. Sometimes it’s best to aim for the middle ground, be the mediator and let your conscience be your guide. What is right for you religiously, may not be right to the next person.


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