This Border Wall Idea is Crazy, But Could it Work?

Happy New Year Everybody!

Alright, hear me out on this one because it’s so crazy it just might work… (And if you like this idea then I need your help by sharing this video over on YouTube as they long ago relegated me to the Land of Shadowbans.)

If someone else has brought this up I would love to be connected with them. Mike and I were watching a video by James Allsup which brought up the GoFundMe for the Border Wall. He expressed concerns about how to get these funds to their designated purpose, since regular people like you and I can’t just give the government money and tell them how or where to spend it.

But the public can donate funds towards maintaining a National Monument or Memorial, it’s been done in the past when the Washington Monument needed costly repairs after an earthquake. If a private citizen was able to match the money congress allocated for this effort is there a way the GoFundMe donations could be used in a similar fashion?

We already have a President who would probably be open to the idea of a memorial wall, so the next question is who could we memorialize? That’s where I think Angel Families might be able to offer some suggestions. Founded by Michelle Root and Mary Ann Mendoza, they’ve been working tirelessly to raise awareness for immigration reform because it’s personal for them.

Michelle’s daughter Sarah was killed in January 2016. Mary Ann’s son Brandon, a Sergeant with the Mesa, AZ police, was killed in May 2014. Both died in horrible collisions with cars driven by illegal immigrants, both of those men had lengthy criminal backgrounds and in Mendoza’s case the man had been deported but was able to get back into the country. They’ve met the President several times, most recently in June.

And tragically they’re not alone, the Federation for American Immigration Reform has put together a list of people who have been affected by serious crimes committed by illegal aliens which is heartbreaking to read.

That’s my crazy border idea, let me know what you think here or in the video comments and if you think this could work I’d really appreciate you giving this post and the video above a like and share. If you’d like to support my work further please visit me at, link is in the sidebar. Be safe this New Year’s Eve everyone!

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