When They Come for your Carols…

One of my all-time favorite Christmas songs has become the latest target of the far-left’s hypocritical addiction to outrage.

‘Neptune’s Daughter,’ 1949, (C) MGM

Technically, ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ (BICO) isn’t a Christmas song (no mention of the holiday is made) but because of the reference to wintry conditions it’s become a holiday classic which has recently come under attack by SJWs who have labeled it… PROBLEMATIC.

Anyone criticizing this song displays no concept of what America was like when it was written and hasn’t bothered to do a bit of research on the source material.

Written in 1944 for the songwriter, Frank Loesser, and his wife to sing at parties it was popularized in the 1949 film Neptune’s Daughter and would go on to win an Academy Award. (Fun thing I learn while researching this post: he also penned one of my favorite Sinatra numbers, ‘Luck be a Lady’ for Guys and Dolls.)

Even a high school reading-level examination of the lyrics makes it clear this song isn’t about coercion. It’s a flirtatious back-and-forth examining societal pressures at the time which dictated unmarried men and women couldn’t spend the night together.

(Screenshot c/o YouTube, ‘Neptune’s Daughter,’ 1949 (C) MGM)

Look at those two, shamelessly demonstrating how a woman establishes autonomy over her own body, the nerve!

I was going to pull a few, choice lines to prove my point but there are too many to quote from and this post is already going to be a doozy for no good reason. Two things I’ll point out about the lyrics: he calls her beautiful and refers to her lips as delicious– TWICE. (Gasp, the horror!) This will be important in a bit…

If you want to explore the song further you can take a look at the lyrics for yourself but it begs the question: if you describe yourself as a feminist, how do you not appreciate this song?

Here’s what’s funny about this whole situation:

It took five seconds to search on YouTube and find the song featured in the original film that made it famous. And guess what? Even back then they were already forward-thinking enough to flip the genders in a reprisal, it’s right there in the very film that made the song famous. They flip the genders and it’s still about the same thing: whether or not these two should spend the night together before they’re married.

(Screenshot c/o YouTube, ‘Neptune’s Daughter,’ 1949 (C) MGM)

(Highly recommend the film clip featuring the Oscar-winning song. Betty Garrett and Red Skelton have this wonderfully choreographed bit around putting on their coats that’s a lot of fun to watch.)

We can have a separate discussion about the morality of premarital sex, that’s not my point. My point is that the song itself, especially given the time it was written, is incredibly progressive. You could even say it’s a call for equality of the sexes when it comes to sexual liberation… in the 1940’s.

Why is this song being condemned while others that are WAY worse are still celebrated?

Here’s a perfect example that was recently in the news because the artists lost their copyright infringement case. Released in 2013, so almost 70 years later, Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ is still played on the radio today. People can disagree with me that it’s about the blurred lines of consent, but they can’t deny the lyrics are creepy and gross, emphasis mine:

“I hate these blurred lines

I know you want it…

But you’re a good girl

The way you grab me

Must wanna get nasty

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 3.30.12 PM
Yeah, that’s healthy. (Screenshot c/o YouTube, ‘Blurred Lines,’ Robin Thicke (C) 2013 Star Trak, LLC)

Or how about these tasteful passages:

“So, hit me up when you pass through

I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two

Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you

He don’t smack that ass and pull your hair for you (you like it)”

Gotta love the “you like it” added in there, by their own logic isn’t that just reminding the ‘good girl’ you refer to as an ‘animal’ that she’s asking for this treatment? Isn’t this just reinforcing what SJWs have defined as ‘misogynistic rhetoric?’

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 3.29.27 PM
Look at her dead eyes, holding a goat… wtf? (Screenshot c/o YouTube, ‘Blurred Lines,’ Robin Thicke (C) 2013 Star Trak, LLC)

With everything out there we can be angry about today I just wanted to take a moment to laugh at this ridiculous display of leftist logic. An old song featuring a man calling a woman beautiful with delicious lips is a problem and needs to be banned. A new song ‘celebrating misogyny’ where women are called girls, animals and bitches and treated like pieces of furniture in the accompanying music video is still referred to by some as the ‘Song of the Year.’

This clear disregard of societal and cultural context to fit a narrative is so easily disprovable it’s a joke. And this is just one of many songs that clearly glorify disturbing views towards sex and male/female relationships that remain celebrated classics, and that’s not even drawing from rap music.

The hilarity of this latest example of the far-left’s double standards is too obvious to ignore, much like Robin Thicke apparently wants us to feel about his penis.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 3.31.07 PM
Alrighty then. (Screenshot c/o YouTube, ‘Blurred Lines,’ Robin Thicke (C) 2013 Star Trak, LLC)



  1. Very good, Vanessa!! As usual…

    That was very interesting. Yes, I’ve had people around me talking about that song just recently.
    Thank you for adding a lot of clarity for me to get the history of what is REALLY going on.
    I’m going to use this info to enlighten a lot of confused (blinded) people.

    Your research capabilities, former hyper-feminist persuasion, and simplicity of proving your point, are sorely needed today! Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for all of your efforts in reaching out to people who need help. Emotionally and/or Politically.

    Have a GREAT weekend!!

    Robert Ward

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Robert, I appreciate that! To be honest, I don’t know that I’ve ever considered myself a ‘hyper feminist’ beyond my previous support for abortion, mostly because I’ve always grown up identifying more with my brothers and male friends so I’ve grown up around a lot of testosterone. So while it’s true I’ve been assaulted in the past, I don’t hold every single man accountable for the actions of a few, just like I’d hope a man wouldn’t hold onto hate in his heart for all women just because a few have broken his heart. But I considered myself a feminist, sure, because that’s what I’ve been told to believe that I am. I can say more, I need to get on that Feminism video you asked for! Hope you have a great weekend as well! – Vanessa


  2. “for the actions of a FEW” !!!!
    Holy _______!! Now I’m really sick to my stomach!
    No fiber of my being can understand that. Nor allow myself to even think about doing that.
    My mother and grandfather would come out of their graves and kill me.
    Now my heart is broken for you.
    I’m so sorry.

    Please. Don’t let my request divert you in any way from what you need to be doing!
    I’ll wait.
    Sorry for using an incorrect term on you. I misunderstand your previous stance on feminism.
    I’m SO glad that I found your video.

    Keep going, please! Your soft spoken strength encourages me every day.

    Thank you!



    • I appreciate the thought but it’s not necessary, I’m not a victim and don’t want anyone’s sympathy. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been and in the healthiest relationship I’ve ever known, so who am I to question the path that led me here?

      I think we have a culture that allows victims to carry that label with pride rather than encourage them to work through it and move forward.

      Here’s to moving forward! ☺️


      • Wow! Stated like a champion!!!
        You go girl!!😁😁😁

        Seriously. Great attitude.
        I only meant to support.
        I’m very happy you’re so strong now, and getting stronger.
        Looking forward with great anticipation for what you’re going to do in the near future!!


        Liked by 1 person

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