If You Are Leaving Patreon…


I completely understand anyone choosing to leave Patreon because of their recent actions and I don’t blame you for making that decision. For now I’m holding off on making a SubscribeStar account until I’ve seen more research into their politics and will be staying on Patreon, the Devil you know as the saying goes.

Because of my commitment to Free Speech I will be waiting for Gab to establish their own payment tier system. That’s a platform I’ve been on for a little while and now support as a Pro user. They’ve said their system should be ready in the coming months so I’ll be making another announcement when I’ve gotten that set up.

In the meantime, it’s not the best solution but if you need to cancel your Patreon and still use PayPal I have that set up as paypal.me/2FingersBerben

Their politics aren’t that much better, and it’s frustrating that we’re at this point, but I appreciate all of your support nonetheless. Thanks everyone, keep being excellent to each other out there!

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