Daily Dot Included me in an Attempted Hit-Piece on BitChute & I’m Honored

I recently spoke with a reporter from The Daily Dot about BitChute and the outcome was sadly very predictable.

I reached out to BitChute via Twitter and I have to hand it to whoever is manning the account today because this is great:


Styx responded to this earlier today and is also taking it in stride. Sorry for the sound hiccups everyone, getting used to this fancy-pants new mic!

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  1. Hi Vanessa!
    Wow! So now you’re a lunatic, huh?
    It’s like they’re so desperate to look justified in their actions that they are actually calling the Truth a “lie”, and a lie the “truth”!
    I’m so proud of you and your boyfriend so seeing the light and stepping out in faith that the truth must be told!!

    And good luck on your move!
    May you find the right place, at the right price, among the right people, to continue your work with passion!

    Robert (from Florida)

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