Social Media Can Have its Benefits

Can social media be a positive experience? It all depends on what you make of it. Special thanks to Stephen M. for supporting this channel and asking such an excellent question.

After making this vide I feel I focused too much on my own story so I’m going to make a second one next week focusing more on the downsides to social media and how it can negatively our mental health.

Social media channels can be a great conduit to making connections, especially in a world so currently divided as our own. We crave connection but sadly more Americans than ever are identifying with feelings of loneliness. In this way, I think it can be an incredibly useful tool in allowing us to create friendships we’d never get to benefit from just living in our own local bubbles.

So in this way we can and should use these various channels to connect with one another, support each other, and build each other up. Unfortunately we can also use it to tear each other down and I’ll be talking more about that in an upcoming video.

(Sorry about the mangled hands everyone, we’re hard at work fixing up our house to sell so we can get the heck out of DC. If you’d like to support my channel and submit our own ideas for future videos please visit me on Patreon.)

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