If You Haven’t Checked this out Yet, Here’s my Livestream of the #WalkAway March:

This past weekend Mike and I attended the #WalkAway March and Rally and I’m still on a love-high. What an amazing event – surrounded by so many smiling, loving faces.

Unfortunately I think the cold weather kept people away from the rallies but we showed up in force for the march to the tune of over 5k people. Despite the fears I mentioned last week, hardly any protesters showed up– just 7 Antifa members per the East Coast Chapter President of Bikers for Trump. (Yes, they actually showed up for us you guys!)

I was freezing my butt off and really wanted to take a break after the march to grab some coffee. On the way to Freedom Plaza I was getting so many messages in the chat about how streams were getting cut everywhere. They actually cut the Facebook Livestream of the official group page. The official group, at their own march. That is the world we are living in right now.

So I kept recording and managed to get almost four hours of continuous coverage, including the entire opening rally and march and half of the speeches at the main rally. Unfortunately YouTube killed my feed before Brandon’s incredibly moving speech but it can be viewed at the official Walk Away channel.

I’m going to remember this day for a really long time, thanks to everyone for their continued support. I was honored to meet several of my subscribers at this event and I’m just floored every day by your support – thank you so much!

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