Can we Keep the Peace at the #WalkAway March Tomorrow?

One last appeal for peace and nonviolence at the #WalkAway march tomorrow. I’m all over the place in this one, it’s hard to put my thoughts on this together. There’s just SO MUCH insanity in the country right now, I really want us all to work hard to keep things safe tomorrow but at the same time I completely understand the possibility that we may have to engage in self-defense. It’s such a tricky situation, I’m ready for this ‘Civil Cold War’ to end and for Civility to begin!

I’ll be streaming throughout the day tomorrow on YouTube, if you’re supporting this event from home please remember to share as many posts from the march and rally that you see. The mainstream media is not going to cover this day accurately, we already can expect that.

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My apologies, I really wanted to get that second video out today but I ran out of time so check back in with me on Sunday. Thanks everyone, please-oh-please be excellent to each other tomorrow!

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