Facebook Finds New Ways to Suppress the #WalkAway Campaign

Facebook is ramping up their suppression of the campaign’s official page. It isn’t enough that when you search for the official group it shows up as the fourth or fifth result, not enough to constantly reset members’ notifications so they don’t see new posts, now they’re marking group posts shared to personal pages as spam and removing them.

One of our members in particular, Gary Humble, is getting his post flagged like crazy because he composed an original song about walking away from the left. Gary’s donating  a portion of proceeds to the campaign but anyone who shares his post is getting flagged and sometimes threatened with suspension.

One member was banned for 30 days for re-posting his testimonial to his own page.

KickstarterSpamAnother member who’s an actor and writer has been working on his own creative project and has been promoting the Kickstarter campaign for it on his own page for weeks with zero issues. After some understandable hesitancy he finally decided to post his own testimonial and within days Facebook had removed one of his earlier posts about fundraising goals and warned him about spamming.

It’s not just the “wackadoos” like Alex Jones – that was the tip of the iceberg to see if we’re open to ignoring or even outright celebrating the suppression of certain voices. Gavin McInnes and The Proud Boys were next. Popular YouTube creator Mister Metokur was just banned from his channel and suspended from Twitter and Facebook as well. (Update: his channel has been restored but he still remains suspended from his social media accounts.)

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 5.01.27 PM
Screenshot from Mister Metokur’s Patreon account.

It’s the rational voices of compromise that are being targeted because we’re the ones advocating for real change. We’re the ones that just might be able to get people to listen to reason and put their feelings aside in the spirit of compromise. A united populace is dangerous to the powers that be– that’s what makes the real inclusivity of the #WalkAway campaign so dangerous to their status quo.


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