With Politically Motivated Attacks Increasing, Where is the Response from Leadership?

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 8.54.21 PM
Mike Ness confronts fan at recent show. (Screenshot: Caters Clips)

I woke up yesterday to news about Mike Ness from Social Distortion physically attacking a Trump-supporting fan for heckling him during a recent performance. This is yet another incident in a string of violent attacks coming from the left directed at conservatives.

Last week I wrote about Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk in Philadelphia. Last month a man was indicted for threatening to kill Diane Black and a suspected Proud Boys member was beaten by a mob attending a Nia Wilson rally in Oakland. Both occurred around the same time that I was writing about what happened to teenager Ashton Hess in Portland.

When will Democrats really step up and denounce the violence coming from the left?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the blame doesn’t entirely fall on one side. We recently marked the tragic anniversary of Heather Heyer’s death on August 12 and I’m not in any way saying that violence is only coming from the left. Republican lawmakers can also be more vocal in condemning politically motivated violence but I don’t believe they’re as equally responsible to do so.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 CBS 13 Sacramento
Social Distortion fan Tim Hildebrand alleges he was attacked by lead singer Mike Ness at a recent show in CA. (Screenshot: CBS 13 Sacramento.)

We’re being willfully ignorant if we try to assert these types of attacks are occurring in an equal number to victims on the right and the left. I search for “democrats condemn violence” and am incredibly disappointed to see the most recent results are from a year ago concerning Antifa riots at Berkeley.

The most recent coverage I find is a pretty fantastic opinion piece from writer Karol Markowicz for the NY Post. In it she recalls several notable instances of violent outbursts from the far-left directed at Republican lawmakers and conservatives since House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was almost murdered while practicing for a charity baseball game a little over a year ago.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 8.58.28 PM
Mike Ness clearly punching someone or something in the crowd at a recent show. (Screenshot: Caters Clips.)

My thoughts echo hers when she asks, “Where is the Democratic leadership?” It’s silent, or even worse: some of them are actually encouraging this kind of behavior. How do we take them seriously when we have lawmakers like Maxine Waters outright calling for people to be harassed in the streets?

The crowd at that Social Distortion show broke into applause while the lead singer was allegedly pummeling this guy. If that’s the kind of behavior the left champions it’s definitely time to walk away.

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