Thoughts on Ashton Hess: Only Cowards Attack Children

I’ve been somewhat living under a rock this weekend as we closed out our run of ‘Steel Magnolias’ so I’m going on maybe five hours of sleep, I haven’t washed my hair in days and I have bright pink talons on my fingers! I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but I’m very disturbed by the recent viral video by Ashton Hess documenting the abuse he received at the hands of two people while visiting Seattle. If you haven’t seen his video it’s linked below, as well as the links to my additional sources.

To briefly sum up what happened via The Hill and KIRO Radio: Ashton was visiting Seattle with his family this past week and while they waited for a ride two people came up from behind and began harassing them. A woman, who so far from what I’ve read remains unidentified, allegedly struck Ashton in the back of the head, knocking off his MAGA hat. That apparently occurred before Ashton started recording but the woman clearly admits she sees nothing wrong with knocking off his hat. What we do see is the other individual, who apparently identifies as non-binary but not as a fascist, then steals this kid’s hat, spits all over it, and throws it into traffic.

Furthermore, just so we don’t have any doubts about what kind of POS coward would attack a child, the two then immediately take off the moment Ashton and his family begin to follow them. As the two quickly walk away with their tails between their legs, they decide to further show us all what kind of cowards they are by continuing to shout at Ashton and his family as they hustled out of there faster than over 150k people are currently running from the left.

It’s behavior like this, and the thousands of people that are patting this loser on the back on Twitter, that just further makes the case for us that it’s time to run away from this party. The left is using a few isolated incidents at a few Trump rallies two years ago to justify a string of verbal and physical abuse currently being inflicted on people who identify as Republican.

And if it isn’t apparent by now just how disgusting and cowardly these attacks are – let me point out that they’re attacking children. These people are so courageous, let them try this kind of BS on a grown man or woman that can hold their own. You can argue with me that 17 year old’s aren’t children, I would say that only shows how old or mature you are personally. I’m in my 30s, anyone under 21 looks like a baby to me. But that’s beside the point: What kind of people justify attacking families in the street?

I’ve been trying to stay positive, supportive, and refrain from getting angry but this is the kind of thing that gets me heated. I found this loser on Twitter last night, it’s not hard he’s bragging about doing it, and went off. I don’t like acting like that, but you attack an innocent American family for someone expressing their beliefs – you’re not an American to me, you’re a fascist. This is exactly what I was talking about last week in regards to their response to the Walk Away Campaign.

But by all means keep this behavior up, as I said in my previous video it just makes more people on the fence realize it’s time to leave people like that behind in the dust.

Okay, rant over. Thanks for letting me vent everyone, I’m off to trim these ridiculous nails and get rid of my “show-funk.”


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