The #WalkAway Campaign Backlash: Their Anger Isn’t Working

I can tell you from firsthand experience that anger and vitriol don’t win arguments.

Trying to shove the same tired rhetoric down our throats doesn’t work and all this backlash coming from Democrats over the #WalkAway Campaign only proves the point for us that we made the correct choice to leave.

Thanks for listening, stay strong everyone and be excellent to each other!


  1. Hi Vanessa. I am writing to you because of a comment you made on your walkaway video which was great. I had faced the same mixed race situation in the 1950’s at basic training in South Carolina. When the Southern boys asked me what I was, my answer was I am an American. That was 1958. For the record I am European and African. You and I have some ideological differences that I would like to converse with you about if you are interested in clarity. I am 82 years old with three grown children.


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