My #WalkAway Update: Stay Strong Everyone

Wow you guys. I’m floored by the response to my #WalkAway story — especially by my own friends! Over 100k *real* people organizing on FB to say they’re leaving or have left their respective political parties and instead of asking us Why, or using this as an opportunity to open a healthy dialogue, the majority of our friends would rather vilify us, call us brainwashed, racists, white supremacists and worse.

What about taking a moment to reflect on their own politics and wonder why someone would want to leave? What about trying to bring their friends back into the fold in a kind, supportive way?

Naw, self-reflection is hard. Pointing a finger at oneself is difficult. It’s far easier to try and shout us down and insult us until we see how foolish we are and come to our senses, right???

Except that’s not working.

Throwing insults, unfriending, even blocking people they used to care about is only driving an entire group of people further away. Calling a friend a brainwashed robot because they’ve decided to openly speak and think for themselves is only proving to them they we were right to leave.

Get off Twitter if it’s bothersome. Stop using it as the litmus test. That is not the home of this campaign. Every popular thing that exists on Twitter is full of bad actors. Go to any thread about a popular musician or group and you will find a flood of bots trying to sell you something. Twitter is a means for some of us to communicate, but Facebook is where we are currently organizing. And it’s on FB that we’re getting the most hurtful responses, because most of us understand that Twitter is full of trolls and shouldn’t be taken as seriously.

It’s on Facebook that we’re called traitors and cowards by our own friends. It’s there that we risk isolating ourselves in our real lives. It’s where the people we grew up with and love try to openly discredit us by insisting we must be brainwashed and mislead.

Those kind of ‘friends’ don’t need to worry about Russian bots encouraging us to #WalkAway, they’re doing a bang-up job on their own.



  1. I just saw your #Walkaway vid, an feel your pain. I’ve been wondering how the younger generation would react when they gain the insights you highlight in your vid. I believe this Walkaway movement is a healthy way to grow and move forward.
    Being a war veteran, your comments about being an American were especially important to me.

    I’m proud of you, and best of luck!



  2. Dear Vanessa:

    Thank God that you are here. I very much appreciate your comments and your clarity of thought. Our country needs you, especially now.



  3. Hi Vanessa! Hang in there. Your walkaway statement on youtube is very thoughtful and touching – and courageous. Thanks for posting it – you expressed much of how I feel.


  4. Will u please just marry me right now…what r we waiting for? I see a really special person in those beautiful eyes. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Please make more of your videos, I like learning from a newly transformed liberal and it’s a unique perspective that I don’t come across too often. I’m glad your life experiences have led you here, we were waiting for you the whole time😍


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