My #WalkAway Story…

I’ve been so inspired by this #WalkAway movement that I decided to get over my fear and add my voice. It’s such a shame what’s happening to our country. I’ve seen this quote in several places recently and it resonates with me enough to try and paraphrase it here: if your love for your country hinges on who is president, then you don’t love your country.

I am so proud to be an American and have the right to sit here today and express these thoughts. I’ve tried to voice my concerns but it feels like such an all or nothing argument coming from the left. To vocalize any kind of dissenting opinion that doesn’t fall in lock/step with “the war for social justice” gets us labeled a nazi, bigot, or some other kind of racist— sometimes by our own families.

So here’s my contribution to this movement. From one lifelong Democrat, here to say No More. I’m nowhere near Conservative, nowhere near Republican, but I’m still breaking up with my party. No more rabid cognitive dissonance, no more exaltation of victimhood– I’ve chosen to #WalkAway.


  1. Good for you! One correction: You used “pro legal immigration” as if it wasn’t a Conservative ideal. It is. As Conservative, i say we have NO problem with LEGAL immigrants. The ILlegals are the problem. Good Vibes to you!


    • Thank you! What I mean is that I’ve thought of myself as a liberal… until I learned that wanting a working immigration system (meaning, not wanting totally open borders) and believing I have a constitutional right to freedom of speech and protecting myself with a gun if I choose to are no longer considered liberal ideals. I thought freedom of choice was important to the left, but their behavior demonstrates the opposite. It’s really sad to see this happening!


  2. First of all, when watching and listening to your video, my first thought was, what a beautiful and brave girl. It never even crossed my mind what ethnicity you were. The left tends to always bring up race, and as a conservative, I don’t go there. I go on the content of character.

    Secondly, your heartache over not fitting in with “white people” or “brown people” is exactly what the left/liberals/democrats/media use to make people feel victimized so they can promise to help them. But, exactly how are they helping? What have they done to raise up poor communities? The poorest and most violent communities are run by democrats, like Detroit and Chicago (where I live).

    You may have already heard of Candace Owens, but she is someone who talks about not remaining a victim anymore. She talks about empowerment. I suggest following her one twitter. She tweets a lot and posts videos of her lectures. @RealCandaceO

    Empowering people by encouraging their own abilities and talents, giving them a hand up, not a hand out. These are what builds communities to be strong.

    I hope you don’t mind my comment, but thank you very much for having the courage to make this video in the midst of all the democrats in your life. I can imagine how scary it must be, especially in light of how they treat people who #walkaway.

    Lastly, sorry this is so long. If you decide to check out my blog (and you don’t have to), I don’t discuss politics there. It’s basically my author page. I don’t want to tarnish my author brand, because I write inspirational stuff. I do discuss politics on my facebook and twitter though, where I do not use my author name.

    Welcoming hugs to you as you walk away.

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  3. Venessa

    Great video. On the right, your epiphany is referred to as “the great
    awakening”. Don’t ever deviate from the beliefs you espoused that video. You are more correct than you realize. I think you’re an intelligent, courageous lady.
    Sorry to hear about mom’s comments. That’s a shame and undeserved. On the
    right, we want everyone to “live long and prosper”. God bless.

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  4. Great video. Honest. Refreshing.
    Gives me hope for America!
    You are the embodiment of America – mixed heritage, honor both yet assimilated as well. Welcome into the light! Your voice is strong – don’t let the haters silence your voice, your truth!
    Followed you on Twitter- look forward to more from you.

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  5. Vanessa, thank you. My mother is Colombian, I’m mixed as well. I grew up never fitting in either. I grew up with the ideals of treating everyone equally and of first amendment rights being extremely important. I’m amazed at all of my liberal friends and family that have expressed this hatred for all things they don’t agree with… this unwillingness to have an open mind. Thank you for your voice. I’ll be adding my #walkaway story soon. I’ve been labeled nazi, racist, etc., just for questioning things within the democrat party or for being equal in who I think deserves free speech. Thanks again for adding your voice.

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    • Thank you! I’m floored by how many mixed people are out there that grew up feeling the same way we did. Whenever you’re ready to share your story please let me know I’d love to support you ❤️


  6. Hi there Vanessa. I saw your video just now on Youtube but couldn’t see a way to contact you so I’m posting this here. I have to confess, I clicked your video because you were so strikingly beautiful, I don’t usually like to ‘perve click’ like that but I had to click on it. I was drawn strongly to the thumbnail and could not resist clicking. As you were talking my blood ran cold when you spoke about your mother. My niece is like you, mixed race, and I’m terrified about the world she is going to grow up in. Her mother is a raging feminazi leftist, I am estranged from them and haven’t seen my niece since she was little. I fear she is being heavily brainwashed. So I just wanted to say thank you for showing the immense bravery to walk away. And also to add that you are ‘knock a man right off his chair’ beautiful. Keep sharing your incredible light with the world, we need it.

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    • Thank you so much! I’m so sorry about your niece— don’t give up on her please. She’s going to need you in a few years when she starts becoming an adult on her own terms. I never realized my mom was so far gone into leftism until this year, I’m holding onto the hope that I can get through to her eventually. Good luck! I’m on Twitter & Tumblr under the same handle if you ever need any help!


      • Hey it’s me again, thank you so much for the supportive response, you don’t know how much it means. My family situation is so dark I pretty much try to shut it out of my consciousness as much as I can on a daily basis. It’s very, very similar to yours though. Unfortunately I see things getting worse for me rather than better.

        But your second followup video was really wonderful, and your older ones too. Can you make a video every week? About anything you want to talk about. I dig the Yoda shirt, maybe you can make a video about that? You really are stunningly radiant as well as seemingly possessed of incredible intelligence, both the intellectual and emotional kinds. Or maybe it’s better to say wisdom, if it’s something you have learnt over time. Please make more videos if you can. If you don’t I am going to feel something close to what your brother must have felt in those years where he couldn’t see you.

        I’m not on Twitter or Tumblr, because I heard they were toilets, although that was probably something I heard from the right-wing side of the crowd. Youtube is my only ‘social media’, although if you ask the left-wing Twitter/Tumblr crowd, apparently it’s Youtube that is the toilet. I guess they’re both right in a way, maybe one is the mens’ room and the other is the ladies’ room. Although that is also a highly unacceptable social division now, isn’t it? They’ll probably get rid of the cubicles next, make it all open-plan.


      • Thank you, and I’m sorry again about your family. I think I’ll try to post a video every Wednesday? Still not sure what to talk about next because there’s so many things I want to discuss!

        In my experience, every social media platform is full of trolls so you do what you want, stay away if that’s best. Twitter is fun for short posts and conversations but probably has the most trolls, Tumblr is great for posting pics and longer posts but is full of either trolls or people with strong opinions, and I think too many of them forget there are real people on the other side.

        If you’re looking for something more communal Facebook may be a good option. You have more privacy control and it’s harder for people to troll on there.

        Or— don’t! Social media can be a real challenge sometimes! ❤️


      • Yeah I think social media just isn’t for me really. I can’t do Facebook, I found it very depressing, don’t know how anyone can use it! But I do kind of like Youtube, or at least a lot of the people on Youtube.

        But don’t feel like you need to keep to a schedule – check out a youtuber called ‘Jedi Bunny’ if you’re a Star Wars fan, she has a very cool little channel where she just posts videos about something she feels like talking about, on no particular schedule. I think Youtube is pretty good for troll blocking, there’s a lot of small channels that feel very nice in terms of the community, although it might be different for you, since you’re like a massive viral sensation now.


  7. Hi Vanessa
    As a staunch lifelong republican I applaud the careful, thoughtful process that you outlined to #walkaway, its moving and wonderful, never stop using your voice.
    The journey you’re on is unique to you, at the same time many Americans are awakening, breaking down barriers.
    “All things return to their natural state” throughout human history people seek to live free almost instinctively.
    Make no claim of being an expert, one of those barriers to being free is learned helplessness, and to know people are “unlearning” learned helplessness, have to wonder if this awakening is people… our humanity taking charge of freedom and independence, its a theory of sorts to gain a better understanding, awareness and to support all Americans toward unity.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

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  8. Dear Vannessa, Like “Some Shlub” above, your thumbnail photo on YouTube caught my attention for the same reason. Aside from the founder of the #WalkAway movement’s initial video a several days ago, yours was the second I watched (yesterday, 07/10) and from there I began clicking on other testimonials for several hours although I came back to yours and have watched it several times (as well as subscribed to your channel and watch some of your other videos). You are very engaging to watch and listen, with so much genuine, unedited honesty, thought and compassion in your voice, eyes, and face. A piece of my heart broke with the pain of your Mom’s personal racial attack toward you, the daughter SHE made! With your counseling background, you see what she is doing. Very sad for her but it looks like you are going to hang tough and work through it and know there are many available for you should you have the need. Social media can make strangers cruel/cowardly (as you already know) but there are many more of us good and decent, loyal fellow Americans that will proudly stand with you. Thank you for the followup video today and the good news about reconciling with your older brother. Seeing you brighten up in looking forward to catching up on life with him and your nieces and nephew was sweet. Enjoyed the laugh about the “trade you could live with” too. All The Best! P.S.: Love your handle, very clever!


  9. Hi Vannessa, I’m agreeing with “Some Schlub” again! As you suggested, a weekly YouTube video on any subject if even for 5-10 minutes would be wonderful. Perhaps it is your acting background as you really know how to use the camera (you appear as though you are talking directly and personally to me even though it is thousands (and the fact is that the camera does love you)) so it is an ideal medium for you to communicate. Thank you for your overview of the various social media sites as I too am not on any of them (don’t have the time to devote to it and detest the lack of civility/manners by strangers). Look forward to seeing more of you on YouTube (and/or here on your website)!

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  10. How do you get a 55 yr. old man to cry? You did it. Happy tears. Thank you.
    I love my adopted country. I’ve been here 44 years, and saw my 80 yr. old mother living the American Dream. That is not a correct term, because when I was growing up in the Far East, everyone had the same dream, yet it is in this great nation that such dreams come true… if you put some elbow grease into it.
    In recent months, I’ve had a great deal of anxiety, not of my future, but my two daughters who are now in college. Their future was a sea of turbulent. As you mentioned about UC Berkley incident on your video. (they are both attending UC schools, though not UCB.)
    You are a real tiger!
    They spoke of waking up the Tiger (China). No, you and all the Walk Away patriots are the tigers.

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    • Thank you! I don’t know how you do it with two kids in schools, UC no less! I’m from CA but am now east coast, I’m really glad I got my degree before any of this madness happening in universities right now! Good luck to you 😉❤️


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